Introducing Je Suis Anas

Almost twenty years ago, I reported my first investigative story. It was about some police officers who took bribes from hawkers, and then allowed them to break a law. I reported that story not knowing where it’ll lead. But after the story was published, an editor highlighted its importance; and for the first time in the history of the newspaper I was working with, the story got republished. No police officer was punished when the story came out, but the awareness created by the story motivated me to do more.

A lot has happened between these twenty years. With each new story, comes a different set of promises and challenges. I have had time to learn some hard lessons, marvel at significant progress and generally remain grateful for the opportunity to be able to do what I do. While at it, I remain focused on one thing: impact. What is the point of journalism if it doesn’t benefit society in a progressive way? That’s the question I ask myself every time I take my pen or camera to go on a reporting assignment. It is this same question that has helped me define the scope of my work in anti-corruption: to name, shame and (help) jail the bad guys in society. It is not lost on me; how controversial this position is. What keeps me going is seeing the work I do lead to policy changes, positively affect the lives of others as well inspire a new generation of change agents in society.

The idea of inspiring a new generation of activists and change agents, is what inspires my work at the Tiger Eye Foundation. It is the same idea that led to my collaboration with Klarity to launch this platform: #JeSuisAnas.

Je Suis Anas means “I am Anas” in French. It is a platform that allows others to join the fight against corruption in our society. It was born out of a longstanding call by thousands, who have written to me, asking to be part of the work I do. By launching this platform, we are creating a space where we can work together to tackle important issues. Collectively, we shall improve positive outcomes in society by working hand in hand on local, national and international levels.

The great thing about this platform is in knowing that no effort is too small. Each action counts and there’s a place for everyone here. Sometimes, it’ll only be about signing a petition. Other times, liking a page. Sometimes spreading the word, offering a tip or just visiting a page. Actions do not need to be grand to effect change, but if we keep going together, we’ll achieve a lot together. I look forward to the next 20 years being better than the last. Let’s begin from here.

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  1. Mimi Acheampong
    2 years ago

    Great work done, Anas. You’re indeed an inspiration to all progressive-minded youth. Never give up the fight in the face of politically motivated moves to gag you. The journey remains forward.

  2. Dan Anini
    3 years ago

    It takes one in a million to be bold and Fearless of the ‘bad guys’ doing harm to the society like u. The ‘fear of Anas is the beginning of panic of the Corrupt in the society. Keep the good fight. Don’t be bothered by your detractors. God knows you are doing a good job. Your reward is in heaven. They kill thousands Suale’s, 1000 Suale’s will come.

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