About #JeSuisAnas

#JeSuisAnas is a call to action from Anas to you, visitor on this platform, who wants to join him on his fight against corruption. Our efforts together will be the reason why corruption would cease to be a byword for our society. It is time to form a grassroots movement against corruption.

Je Suis Anas is French for “I am Anas”. It works by empowering everyday Ghanaians to serve as agents of change in the fight against corruption in our communities. By utilizing Anas’ brand of anonymity, we want to confer Anas’ identity on all Ghanaians who are appalled by corruption and actively want to contribute to diminishing its influence.

Though this concept is new in its approach, it rides on the back of almost 20 years of positive impact in Anas (and Tiger Eye’s) fight against corruption and human rights abuse in Ghana. Its figurehead, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, embodies the spirit of the rebel who fights on behalf of his people.

Anas’ influence and broad appeal will be the starting point for driving this platform. Beyond that, a mix of digital tools will be used to push the concept to a robust and effective scale by using innovative technology, reporting and messaging tools. We believe in the power of transparency and we will be equally transparent about the impact of our work and operations.

#JeSuisAnas seeks to teach, collaborate and work with engaged citizens across Ghana to impact society in a progressive way.

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