Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What does the name JeSuisAnas refer to?
A: Je Suis Anas is French for “I am Anas”. It works by empowering Ghanaians to serve as agents of change in the fight against corruption in our society.
Q: I want to help out, how do I get involved?
A: Through corruption videos can be seen, followed up and spread to others so that cases are no longer ignored and forgotten, but exposed until they are resolved. Help us by creating awareness.

If you experience petty corruption first-hand, we suggest you download and learn to use the Tiger Eye App available on Google Play Store to record it and share on this platform.

Q: This is just about football now, will there be other cases covered as well?
A: Yes, the platform will cover corruption in other sectors of society that matter to citizens. As an audience-led platform, some of the cases covered will come from users as well.
Q: What do you do to close more of these cases?
A: By raising awareness among our network of citizens like yourself and putting pressure on the relevant authorities to act against the exposed cases. This push for action will be consistent and sustained until action is taken.
Q: Who is behind this project?
A: #JeSuisAnas is started by the Tiger Eye Foundation and its founder Anas Aremeyaw Anas. We collaborate with governments, citizens, corporations and civil society organizations that share a common belief that the collective safety of humanity hinges on the actions we take in our own ways.

The platform is powered by Tiger Eye’s partner Klarity. Klarity provides the technological infrastructure and the digital tools needed to safely upload the videos to the platform, while Tiger Eye will serve as editors and mobilize and encourage activists to share more content on the platform.