Corruption and Abuse in Echoing Hills Village

Corruption and Abuse in Echoing Hills Village

Corruption and Abuse in Echoing Hills Village


Launched in 1994, Echoing Hills Village is a residential facility for physical and mentally challenged children. As part of its mission, it seeks to create opportunities for individuals to know and experience Jesus Christ.

It currently houses over 80 residents.

Like most other shelters for children and most vulnerable persons in society, Echoing Hills has a laudable mission. It also deserves commendation for seeking to protect those that many others would neglect.

Yet, Tiger Eye received numerous calls from some children within the shelter. They reported cases of physical abuse, neglect and suspicions that the shelter was veering off its mission to protect.

Before reaching out to us, we found out that other children within the facility who could not take any more abuse, contacted the police and other authorities within their community to intervene. Yet, nothing changed. We decided to go undercover and witness life inside this shelter.

In this latest investigative documentary, you’ll see life inside the Echoing Hills village.



Director of Echoing Hills Villag

Rev. Lawrence Lamina

Rev. Lawrence Lamina is the director of Echoing Hills Village. He is responsible for the safety and well-being of the children under

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